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Superfood Smoothie

Cold Pressed Juice

Tropical Twist

coconut water -banana - pineapple - strawberry - peach- mango -goji berry - camu berry - chia seed - hemp seed

Banana Berry

coconut milk - banana -strawberry - blueberry - blackberry - raspberry - white mulberry -acai berry - camu berry - hemp seed -vanilla extract

Mocha Madness

raw cashew - medjool date - coffee - raw cacao powder - cacao nib - maca root - vanilla

Classic Chai

coconut water - banana - medjool date - cacao nib - chia seed - hemp seed - maca root - wheatgrass - ceylon cinnamon - ginger -cardamom

Peaches n' Cream

coconut milk - peach - goji berry - banana - chia seed - lemon juice- vanilla - stevia 

Green Lemonade

aquaponic lettuce -  kale - cucumber - ginger root - lemon - pineapple mint

Orange High-C

orange - grapefruit -lemon - carrot 

Watermelon Cooler

watermelon-cucumber-pear-lime-parsley-himalayan sea salt

Sunshine In A Cup

golden beet-pineapple-pear-lemon-ginger

Peachy Keen 

peach - spinach - green apple - mint

Pineapple Green Paradise 

pineapple - cucumber - chard - coconut water - pineapple mint

Jolly Green Giant

green apple - celery - cucumber - lemon

Good Morning, Beautiful! 

Fruit Punch

orange juice - coconut water - strawberry -banana - hemp seed -flax seed - wheatgrass

grapefruit - carrot - red apple - lemon - ginger root - coconut water

Strawberry Patch

strawberry - kombucha - chia seed - goji - acai - stevia

Figtastic Cookie Dough (Seasonal)

fresh fig - pecan - date - almond butter - chia seed - lucuma - cinnamon - cacao nib - almond milk 

pineapple - banana - almond butter - maca root - aswaghanda root - hemp seed - hemp protein - CBD oil - almond milk

Happy Hippie Smoothie

*Ask about our daily juice offerings

Healthy Shots 

Original Elderberry Syrup -

may support immunity, digestion, inflammation, good source of

vitamin C


Calm Energy Elderberry Elixir -

may support lowered stress, natural mental energy/focus, healthy mood/happy hormones and more


Immunity Plus Elderberry Elixir -

may support immunity, digestion, inflammation, great source of

vitamin C


Allergy Relief Elixir -

may support relief of symptoms from allergies, stress, healthy lungs, excellent source of vitamin C


Fire Cider -

may support relief of pain and inflammation, a happy gut, naturally cleansing Full


Spectrum CBD Oil 300 mg (Orange Vanilla)-

may support symptoms of pain and inflammation, general well-being, healthy mood, and more

Healthy Popsicles Now Available!

Featuring cold pressed produce & organic coconut water - no added sugars or preservatives -

Watermelon, Lime cherry,

Orange grapefruit, Pineapple apple

-Flavors may vary

Seasonal, local & organic produce

*local and organic full spectrum CBD oil available for purchase

Humble, Deep-rooted Beginnings

Meet Danielle McDonald aka “Radiant Mama” or “The Elderberry Lady”!















Danielle’s joy for creating handmade, small batch healthy living products has led her into new business ventures within an industry where her roots are firmly planted. With a degree in Wellness Science, Life and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching certifications, and over 8 years in the wellness field - Danielle’s passion and application of health and wellness started in her own home! As a mother of two, she wanted the most healthful, organic and locally sourced products for her family, thus Radiant Mama was born from the need and demand for ethical and transparent alternatives to conventional healthy living products in her home and local community.


Radiant Mama has quickly grown since the humble beginning making Original Elderberry Syrup in her mama’s kitchen, and you can now find her increasingly popular products at the local farmer’s markets, on shelves at local stores and available online for shipping. Danielle is making an impact focused on providing safe and effective plant based products to support whole body wellness for the entire family!


Danielle’s love of working with whole food ingredients has now led her to sharing the delicious health benefits of fresh fruit and veggie juice and smoothies with her customers, friends and family. From the collective inspiration of hard working farmers, the cooperative efforts of Bastrop Community Gardens, and Danielle’s passion to serve others through health and wellness - the dream of “Radiant Mama Juice Bar” was brought to fruition!


Fresh juice and smoothies are a great way to get much of your body’s daily nutrient needs in one glass. Radiant Mama Juice Bar offers cold pressed juice, meaning you get more of the wholesome goodness from locally sourced, seasonal produce than other juicing methods. Radiant Mama Juice Bar is raising the bar regarding the quality of health products offered to families with many ingredients coming directly from Community Gardens where the juice bar is located and other local farms; embodying the sentiment that you should know exactly where your food comes from!


Danielle believes that juicing is for everyone – the young and elderly alike as well as anyone more seasoned in their wellness journey or those who are just starting out, so be sure to stop by for a cold pressed juice or superfood smoothie and toast with the Community Gardens family to healthy, mindful living!


Opening Hours

Come Visit

Mon - Tues - Wed : Closed

Thurs & Fri : 10am - 1pm
Sat : 10am - 2pm

Sun : 12 pm - 4pm



Located inside 

Bastrop Community Gardens

1067 TX-71
Bastrop, Bastrop County 78602


  • Radiant Mama
  • Radiant Mama
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